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Together, we create something MAGICAL.

Entirely Unique

YuiYuni is a web3-native IP project that aims to create a fan community in which everyone becomes a creator. YuiYuni believes that those who support creators are creators too and are entitled to a return of the value.

This is because just as how fans borrow the strengths of creators to make derivative works, creators borrow the passion of the fans to reach heights they wouldn’t be able to on their own. We are going to create an awe-inspiring fan community that will amaze the world and be built by creators and fans working together.

Web-3 entertainment experiences

YuiYuni is an entirely unique entertainment experience that breaks the mold of conventional wisdom, combining web3 technology with in-depth knowledge of the entertainment industry.

Co-IP Production

Instead of IP being produced through conventional approaches, we co-create IP with our NFT holders.


We believe that those who support creators are creators too and are entitled to a return of the value.


More than just kawaii, we bring life to characters through beautiful, detail-oriented illustrations.


Beyond conventional entertainment.

The current entertainment economy has a strong context of supporting content providers, but those who support creators are also creators and should receive a return of value.

Web3 has the potential to create a society in which people gather around things that they believe are worthy and interesting, co-create value, and generate fair returns based on their contributions.

YuiYuni will create next generation entertainment , and by extension, the way society should be.

Frequently asked questions

YuiYuni will be on the Ethereum blockchain, ERC-721.

The collection will consist of 2,000 types (tentative) of items. All 2,000 (tentative) are animated, and have different expressions, outfits, accessories, and backgrounds, each expressing a cute personality.

YuiYuni is operated by a web3 x entertainment startup based in Tokyo, which successfully raised 40MM JPY seed funding in Oct 2022.
The team managing YuiYuni is led by Keshi, a Japanese Founder, and consists of 7 members in total. The excellent team members include a member with a management experience of Japan’s largest character IP, an engineer with deep web3 knowledge, and so on. All members are fans who love idols.

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